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Beautiful Spring Wedding at Samuel Cedars

Welcome to my first blog! I'm kind of just going to wing this from other ones that I've seen but I hope you enjoy!

Sarah and Kyle were perhaps one of the best couples I have worked with since I've started photographing weddings. I knew Sarah from our time spent at College of the Ozarks and when she reached out to me to do her wedding I knew I was in for a treat.

I did not know Kyle very well but I knew I would come to be acquainted with him as the wedding date approached. He had just recently received his doctorate and him and Sarah will soon move to make their way of life in Oklahoma. Kyle is a solid guy who was very easy to work with during the whole process. He was very helpful and intentional with what I needed from him. Sarah and Kyle's relationship will stand out to me as time goes on.

Groom Portrait

Throughout the day of the wedding, there were many laughs and smiling faces. Something I can appreciate.

Sometimes it can be a little awkward being a male photographer in the female dressing room but these ladies laughed it off

As the ceremony approaches, there's always a "woah, this is it" moment. Even for me as the photographer. My mind is always racing to make sure I have everything I need before it starts. Because I only have one chance to get it right. There's no do-overs, there's no saying "Hey, I didn't get a good one, can we do that again?" There's definitely a pressure that still exists after 4 years of shooting. As I continue to do it time and time again, that pressure does become easier to handle, but nevertheless, it's still on mind.

One thing that helps me is actually having a list of things I know I need to capture. Some of the things on that list may seem like a no-brainer to capture but it still gives me peace of mind knowing I can check it off.

Sarah and Kyle's ceremony was absolutely stunning. Even with the sun coming in and out through the clouds.

Typically after the ceremony, my time of coordinating is done and I pass it off to the DJ or MC of the night. Someone who is good at keeping a crowd entertained throughout the night is a treasure and should be treated that way.

Kyle's father and best man gave a moving toast to the newly weds.

My favorite part of the evening will always be taking the new couple out for sunset photos. This gives them a chance to escape from all of festivities and conversations to relax and be together.

My approach to these photos is to keep it very natural and calm. I don't want this time to feel like another chore or obligation on one of the happiest days of their lives. It was not hard to get them to interact with each other. Their chemistry was spot on and very easy to see.

They know how to smile, don't worry.

This wedding kicked off my string of weddings this season and I am so glad it did. It is nice to jump back into wedding season with a winner right off the bat. I'm looking forward to all of the weddings I have coming up and I look forward to (hopefully) blogging them all.

Venue: Samuel Cedars in Springfield, MO -

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